Windsor and Bath

Windsor and Bath

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Windsor Castle with the royal standard flying over its central Norman round tower must be one of the most iconic images of England.  Successive kings and queens from William the Conqueror have remodelled the castle, first as a fortress set in a great hunting forest, later as a grand palace with gardens and a huge park for riding.  Edward III established the highest order of chivalry here, the Order of the Garter, in the fourteenth century, and Edward IV built St George’s Chapel for its knights a century or so later.  The Garter Ceremony is still held here every year.  Bath is most famous for its Roman Baths and honey-coloured ‘Bath stone’ Palladian crescents, squares and streets of the eighteenth century.  Its hot, steaming mineral waters, unique in Britain, are a continuing theme in Bath’s development, now supplying the modern spa.  Bath is a lively city with great shops and tea rooms.


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Windsor Castle

Roman Baths, Bath

Atlantic and continental weather systems meet over England so the weather can be unpredictable.  You really can experience all four seasons in one day!   We advise you to bring wet weather clothing, and cold weather clothing for the months of October to March.  We keep a set of umbrellas in our vehicle.  Please check the forecast on the Met Office link below shortly before your tour.

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