Bath and Castle Combe

London from £620

The hot mineral waters that rise in Bath, unique in Britain, provide a continuing theme in the city’s development from prehistoric times to the present.  We visit the museum housing the Roman baths and temple precinct built beside the sacred spring, take a tour of the elegant honey-coloured ‘Bath stone’ 18th century Georgian crescents and squares, brought to life in Jane Austen’s novels, and hear the story of fashionable eighteenth century Bath’s heyday.  You may be able to squeeze in a visit to the Jane Austen Centre or enjoy a bit of shopping and soak up the beauty and atmosphere of this lovely city before driving to Castle Combe at the southern end of the Cotswold Hills.  The medieval woollen industry made the Cotswolds rich, funding the development of the many beautiful limestone villages like Castle Combe for which the Cotswolds are famous.


from London  – 9 hours

£6201-3 people

£6454-6 people

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Roman Baths

Jane Austen Centre, Bath

Atlantic and continental weather systems meet over England so the weather can be unpredictable.  You really can experience all four seasons in one day!   We advise you to bring wet weather clothing, and cold weather clothing for the months of October to March.  We keep a set of umbrellas in our vehicle.  Please check the forecast on the Met Office link below shortly before your tour.

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